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Resin manhole covers

Resin manhole cover has the advantages of light weight, high strength, excellent fatigue resistance, safety of breakage, simple molding, low noise, good chemical corrosion resistance, good acid and alkali resistance and beautiful appearance. Its comprehensive performance and economic index have surpassed cast iron manhole cover

  1. Strong anti-theft performance: resin composite manhole cover is made of unsaturated resin, glass fiber and other materials and steel skeleton by special production process. It is formed by high temperature grinding and pressing once, and the material has no recycling value.
  2. Large bearing capacity: the bottom of the special pot bottom structure, so that the force area increased more than ten times or even dozens of times. The continuous reinforcement filament used ensures that the filament and the glass fiber cloth are integrated in a material so that the product has sufficient carrying capacity. And meet or exceed national standards.
  3. Long service life, through the adoption of high performance resin, glass fiber and special formula, production process to ensure that the penetration of resins in glass fiber, greatly enhanced the stick relay, make the material under cyclic loading, do not produce internal damage, so as to ensure the service life of the product, and other resin composite manhole cover with the same advantages. Put an end to the malady of poor adhesion.
  4. Beautiful and practical, high grade: according to the needs of high-end customers, make complex LOGO and a variety of colors in the same manhole cover surface personalized design, make the pattern delicate, bright color, clear. And can be made according to customer demand with all kinds of stone pavement the same imitation stone surface and color.
  5. High/low temperature resistance, good insulation performance, strong corrosion resistance: corrosion resistance, non-toxic harmless. No metal additives, a real sense of insulation effect. It can be used in complex and changeable, harsh and demanding places. The products have been tested by the relevant national authoritative testing institutions, with obvious acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging and other indicators have reached and exceeded the national standards.

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