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Heat Treatment Tray

Product Description:

The tray is a consumable part. It must have sufficient high temperature strength to withstand the mass of the workpiece and transmit the thrust of the pusher in the hot state. The structure of the bogie hearth tray is various, generally including ordinary type, bottom guide type and non-hardening type with workpiece. The common type tray is simple to manufacture, not easy to deform, and can be turned upside down. Long service life, but guides need to be installed on the guide rail.
The bottom with guide-type tray is stable when pushing and can simplify the structure of the guide rail. In contrast, the grooved belt is more easily deformed when used. The width of the guide groove should be 5mm-10 mm wider than that of the rail selenium, and both the groove surface and the ribs need to be cut. Non-hardened material tray: after leaving Shanghai, it is supported on the guide rail by two ears, the tray is turned over, and the workpiece automatically falls into the quenching tank. Because the tray is not quenched and does not experience sharp changes in the degree of exposure, it has a long service life.

Chemical Composition:

Composition (%) C Si Mn S P Cr Ni Mo W
1.4823 0.30-0.50 1.0-2.5 ≤1.5 ≤0.03 ≤0.04 25.0-28.0 3.0-6.0 ≤0.5 4.0-6.0


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