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Ductile iron manhole covers

Manhole covers are used to cover roads or deep Wells in homes to prevent people or objects from falling.

According to the material can be divided into metal manhole cover, high strength fiber cement concrete manhole cover, resin manhole cover.

The circle is generally used. It can be used for green belts, sidewalks, motorways, docks, alleys and so on.

It can be divided into four categories

  1. Metal manhole covers: cast iron, ductile iron, bronze manhole covers, etc.;
  2. High strength steel fiber cement concrete manhole cover (cement based composite material);
  3. Recycled resin manhole cover (recycled resin matrix composite material);
  4. polymer matrix composite material inspection manhole cover, etc.

Generally divided into circles and squares.

In urban road administration, the general use of circular, because the circular manhole cover is not easy to tilt, can better protect the safety of pedestrians and vehicles.

In the countryside and cable Wells, the general use of square, so as to better prevent rainwater and other liquid into the.

Specified standards for test load and position of use

  • EN 124
  • CJ/T 3012-93
  • CJ/T121-2000
  • CJ/T 211-2005
  • JC 889-2001
  • Grade A15 B125 C250 D400 E600 F900
  • Light heavy Light normal heavy Light normal heavy


1) EN124

The specified load grade is comprehensive, the scope of use is clear, and the gap of our standard can be clearly seen by comparing with our standard.

In fact, all kinds of manhole covers produced according to China’s standards can not meet the requirements of European standard EN124.

Therefore, all of China’s export manhole cover enterprises, do export manhole cover are produced according to EN124.

KS company accepts custom sizes.

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